94.9 The Rock’s Generation Next


Headliner: Bleeker

Opening Bands: Luke Austin, Secret Broadcast, Mushy Callahan


The Phoenix Concert Theatre

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The first concert of the year for me. Bleeker were their usual delights. It was my one friend’s third time seeing them and she could not stop gushing about how happy Taylor’s stage antics make her. For me, the shining moment was when bassist Mike Vandyk did a bass solo during the band member shout out. The bass solo was amazing on its own, but there was the added bonus of watching Taylor’s smile growing more and more amazed while he was crouched down by the side of the stage.

Mushy Callahan, a band of brothers from Alberta, were quite good though did not quite have any stand out songs.

Secret Broadcast had a couple solid numbers, but the lead singer was a tad too cocky for my liking. Also, their band is massive! They had a Bleeker-like sound on a few of their songs, but I do not know why they need about ten people to get the same sound a group of four get.

Luke Austin got us dancing a couple times. They were good, but I do not think they quite fit with the rest of the bands in the showcase. They have a nearly country sound to them.


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