The Pretty Reckless


Headliner: The Pretty Reckless

Opening Bands: Holy White Hounds, Them Evils


The Phoenix Concert Theatre

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This is the third time I have seen The Pretty Reckless now and I cannot wait for them to come back again. Best song for me was “Oh My God”.

The Pretty Reckless is very theatrical, with amazing lighting and added sound clips to set the atmosphere. The only thing I could fault them on is that they had a really bright clock (which you can see in the clip I added below) that drew focus for me as I was stage left, especially since they cut to black between every song – a personal pet peeve.

Holy White Hounds were great. They are from Iowa, but their music reminded me of California. Their sound is reminiscent of the 90s, kind of grungy, which is always something that I love. It also complimented the post-grunge sound of the headliners well. Shot out to the guy that I am pretty sure got dumped for yelling that they sucked multiple times after two of the band members sucked face onstage. His girlfriend did not seem impressed when she pulled him out, and as far as I noticed the pair never returned.

Holy White Hounds

The Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows


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