Pop Evil


Headliner: Pop Evil

Opening Band: Bleeker, Outshined


The Music Hall Night Club & Concert Venue

These tickets were actually free, a friend of mine had won them through a podcast. It is well known that I adore Bleeker, so she took me.

Bleeker are one of my favourite bands ever, and you can read in more detail if you go back to the post of their concert earlier this summer. They were awesome as always. As an opening band, they always seem to win over the crowd and get them moving.

Pop Evil I have heard on the radio before, but never really took too much notice of them. I was pleasantly surprised at how many songs I knew by them. They were very charismatic and I think the combination of Bleeker’s slightly bluesy rock sound and the darker rock sound worked really well together.

I believe that the energy Pop Evil had on the song “Footsteps” led that to be their best performed song. Though, their cover of Collective Soul’s “Shine” was really good as well (video below).

Pop Evil – Shine


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