5 Seconds of Summer


Headliner: 5 Seconds of Summer

Opening Band: ONE OK ROCK , Hey Violet


Molson Amphitheatre


Last summer we were not impressed with 5 Seconds of Summer headlining their own show, and this year was even worse. Due to the lackluster performance last year, we did not bother getting seats and just sat on the grass. This worked well for us though, because in the sea of teenaged girls we ended up beside a father who kept grimacing throughout the concert – classic entertainment.

The first opener, Hey Violet, was unwatchable as kids  who have not quite figured out what they are doing tend to be. I seemed to be the only person in the crowd that did not kow the worlds to a Taylor Swift song they covered.

ONE OK ROCK were amazing. It is one of my favourite things about going to concerts, hearing openers and being pleasantly surprised – which does not always happen, for example Hey Violet. We had never even heard of them before the concert, and we were blown away. I would definitely see them again.

5 Seconds of Summer on the other hand, unless they have a nice long break and come back with a fresh sound that does not just sound like their mentors, this might be their last show we attend. They just are not meant to be headliners, perhaps. I saw them 4 times opening for One Direction, and they were fantastic. They were high energy, had a cute sound that was young and lively and had subtle bits of growing up in Oceania.

One of the most memorable moments of the concerts is when I got up to get another round of drinks (a necessary part when dealing with that many shrieking girls), and the one band member, Michael, was trying to introduce a song. He started talking and the crowd was so loudly he just had to stop and stand there. I got my drink and came back and he was still just staring out into the crowd silently. He looked so frustrated. It was quite sad.


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