Twenty One Pilots


Headliner: Twenty One Pilots

Opening Band: Mutemath, Chef’Special


Molson Amphitheatre

I was a little spoiled, I got to see Twenty One Pilots back in November as well. If you ever get the chance, they are a band you really need to see live. They are the most theatrical act I have ever seen. Many of their songs, such as Ode to Sleep, were written to be heard at a concert.

This show was significantly larger than the other time I saw them headlining, and I must say that I prefer them in the smaller venue. I think they may be the only band I have preferred indoors.

When I saw them at the Sound Academy, everyone in there seemed to know every word to every song. The feeling of the energy in that building was like nothing I have ever experienced before, and probably something I will never experience the same ever again. To give you a feel, I have included a video below.

None of the videos I took at the Molson Amphitheatre turned out. Everyone was singing along too loudly, and there was just such an atmosphere of partying that it could only be experienced and not captured. I really need to give kudos to those who do the lighting, because it is by far the best lighting I have seen.

You need to see them!

Twenty One Pilots – Trees



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